Booming Western Australia, Ideal Migration Option

October 13, 2013

Booming Western Australia, Ideal Migration Option

Western Australia, the largest state in Australia, is in the process of reviewing its skilled migration occupation list, which is expected to be released soon. Till such time, however, the 2012/2013 list will continue to remain in effect. Visa applicants get a notice period of 15 days before the new 2013/2014 list becomes operational. 

Opportunities in Western Australia

With an area of 2, 530,000 square kilometres, Western Australia is the largest state in Australia. The population of the state, however, comprises only 10 per cent of the total country's population. Perth is the capital of Western Australia and its most important city. The population of the state is 2.5 million of which 1.75 million live in the capital, Perth.

Interestingly, the growth of Western Australia is a perfect example of how immigration has been put to positive impact for the development of a state. Figures in March 2013, indicated that the population of the state grew by 3.4 per cent or 82,600. A substantial percentage of this population growth is attributed to the immigrant population of Western Australia, particularly workers under the temporary work visa (457 visas), who have made the state their home. Majority of these immigrants working in Western Australia are involved in resource-based industries such as mining.

Migration occupation list review

Now, with the state's economy continuing to register growth, the Department of Training and Workforce Development is in the process of reviewing the Western (WASMOL) for 2013/2014. The list, expected to be released soon, is important for visa applicants who need an occupation on the current WASMOL to be invited to apply for State nomination.

Application system modified

Modifications, meanwhile, have also been made the state's sponsorship process. Under the modified system, applications for state sponsorship are no longer directly accepted by the state's Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD).

Under a nation-wide consolidated process, eligible applicants are now required to apply through the Department of Immigration, SkillSelect system. The DTWD then selects applicants from this common SkillSelect pool. Selected applicants are invited to apply for State nomination. Once invited, applicants are provided a unique identifier number to submit their application to DTWD. The new process provides DTWD the added option to screen and select applicants on a need basis and provides applicants a wider reach.

Option of regional migration scheme

Applicants, also have the option of considering specific regional visa routes under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187).

Along with applicable general rules of age, skills, qualifications and English language requirements; visas under subclass 187 are available, under three streams, for skilled workers from outside Australia or skilled temporary residents of regional Australia. These streams include (a) Temporary Residence Transition stream; (b) Direct Entry stream; and (c) Agreements stream.

Considering its growing opportunities, Western Australia provides one of the best destination options for skilled migrants.

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