Brazil's new visa laws to draw more foreign tourists

May 14, 2014
Brazil's new visa laws to draw more foreign tourists

According to news reports, the government of Brazil has implemented new visa provisions that will make it possible for visitors to apply online and which will decrease the time period of visa processing. This would mean a greatly simplified application process and also, the avoidance of the need to travel long distances to major cities, the only locations, where a Brazilian consulate may be located.
Thus, according to Vicente Neto of the Brazilian Tourism Board Embratur, for example, a traveler/tourist from the US does not have to travel long distances to a city where a Brazilian consulate is located to file his/her tourist visa tourist application. This, according to the official would decrease the costs of the visitor visa issuance process, thereby making more funds available for tourists to spend in Brazil. 

The government of Brazil also made the announcement that it will provide a visa waiver for the citizens of those countries which offer a similar provision of visa waiver for its (Brazil’s) citizens.

When the new visa provisions, some of which are outlined above are implemented, the ‘wait times’ for Americans, for example, will be reduced from the current average of 30 days.
These new visa measures have been introduced ahead of the Rio Olympic games slated for 2016, and to also aid the country in attaining its objective of drawing 10 million alien visitors by 2020. Brazil had 6 million foreign visitors last year.
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