Britain foreign-born population reaches to 8 million

August 26, 2015
The foreign-born population in the UK has been rising as it reached about eight million as per the official figures of migration observatory provided in this week.

The official figures published last week by the migration observatory at the University of Oxford said the eight million figure was reached in the last year.


The previous data on immigration showed in 2013 were 7.9 million people living in the UK has born in overseas.

Madeleine Sumption, director of the observatory, said: "Given that we know net migration has been running in the hundreds of thousands since 2013, it would be surprising if the foreign-born population didn't go above eight million.

Immigration figures will be published along with the population statistics at the end of this week. The net immigration levels had crossed record level.

The year 2013 statistics reveals that about 2.7 million of foreign-born population has born in the EU countries, and the rest of 5.2 million were born outside the countries of European Union.

Ms. Sumption said non-EU migration in the last decade has been substantially increased in terms of percentage levels, and recently share of EU immigration has become half of the total non-EU immigration.

The recent expansion in EU and fast economic recovery of the UK economy were the contributing factors to the trend.

"The Government must now get a grip of the student route which is the major avenue for non-EU migration. They must also renegotiate access to Britain by EU migrants, particularly those coming for low wage employment."

In 2014, the last data taken on net immigration showed was 318,000, which is the number of people entering the country minus leaving it. A small increase of 2000 would surpass the highest recorded figure of 320,000 for the year to June 2005.

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