Britain to hit the record of more than 300,000 immigrants: ONS Report Says

March 20, 2015
UK to have 300,000 more immigrants: ONS Report Says

United Kingdom has attained another with the net immigration count of 298,000. As per the new statistics of the country, the concerned officials of the country have steady rise in the count of overseas from 210,000 in 2013 to 298,000 during 2014. Prime of United Kingdom, David Cameron has expected around 105,000 immigrants per year by mid 2019, but it has observed a good rise on the immigrants count by 2005. He further added that sometimes there will be a drop in the immigrants count with modifications in the government declarations and overseas ambience. However, in light of current statistics, it no seems for the concerned officials of the country that there will be some declination in the immigrants count. 

Few of the sources of the country reveal that net immigration is the difference between overseas individuals who visited the nation for one year and the number of applicants who departs the country for a period of one year. During the year 2005, net immigration has increased to 320,000 and at the time of the 2010 elections it has decreased to 252,000. Thus, the concerned representatives of ONS assume that the immigration may tend towards 165,000 in the long run. 

Compared to earlier year’s count of 530,000, this developed nation has seen a steady rise in the immigrants figure to 320,000. Rise in the count of overseas individuals arriving the nation has been increased due to wide range of employment prospects in the country. Compared to previous year December count, latest net immigration figured has been increased by 0.5%. 

Sources further added that over the next five years Britain is going to see more than 300,000 immigrants a year, which inturn helps in surging the economy of the country.

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