Britons in Scotland to become Scottish citizens

September 13, 2014
Britons in Scotland to become Scottish citizens

With Scotland’s independence round the corner, the officials are taking all steps towards ascertaining Scotland citizenship. As a part of the same, Scotland’s first minister, Alex Salmand has decided that all Britons, who are currently residing in Scotland would become Scottish citizens.

This would even extend to those who come under ‘habitual resident,’ class.  There’s, however, no clarity if a dual citizenship is allowed to these residents. 

According to the sources, it’s up to England to actually decide on the dual citizenship. And people who are entitled to become Scottish citizens can choose to stay back in Scotland without a visa by accepting Scottish citizenship. 

Also, the reports indicated that Scots living anywhere in the world would be entitled to get Scottish passport. However, they would not be forced to take Scotland citizenship. 

It has to be mentioned here that these changes would apparently come into force from March of 2016 when Scotland would become an independent country.
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