Bulgaria EU Blue Card for highly skilled professionals

April 27, 2016

The employment agency of Bulgaria introduced the work permit programs for the non-EU citizen to remove the barriers of hiring skilled workers and the talented individuals. The program is helpful to improve the work force and labor market.

Bulgaria EU Blue Card for highly skilled professionals

The quick innovation in the field of software technology needs high skilled IT professionals. The country has not that amount of human resource to meet the challenges. The reason why the government has to introduce the system of work permits to the non-European citizens.

The implementation of the program has the major target to link the Bulgarian government agency to a wider range of accessible databases and save the time of processing of work permits applications is known as a blue card.

However, the current process of submitting hard copies of the application forms at the regional labor office will remain same. The workers from outside the European nation can apply for the work permit under the scheme of EU-Blue card. It is useful for the non-European workers with a job opportunity to take employment in a member state.

The blue card system enhances the financial growth of the nation by hiring more numbers of foreign workers. Many international students from various foreign universities can be part of this program. They can apply for work permits to get an opportunity to work in Bulgarian projects.

The IT sector in Bulgaria has a significant in importance in Bulgaria. Currently many foreign software professions are showing their interest to immigrate to Bulgaria. The rate of immigration of skilled foreign workers to Bulgaria gradually increases every year. 

Many professions from different domain also like to reside in this country. The reformation of immigration policy and implementation of blue card system increase the number of application of work permits.

Nearly 600 applications for work permits submitted by the skilled foreign workers are being processed annually in Bulgaria.

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