Business groups has urged UK government to lift restrictions on firms hiring foreign skilled workers

November 06, 2015
According to the firms, the government shall lift the restrictions on the abilities of the UK firms for hiring the foreign high-skilled workers. 

Firms like The Scale –Up Institute, Business Growth Fund, Google and many other firms have said that the Tier 2 visas restrictions which limits the number of non-EU workers with high skills who can visit to the UK every year are preventing the startup firms from recruiting the foreign talent they require and are also suffocating the new businesses and harmful to the economy of the country.

Business groups has urged UK government for scrapping controls on the skilled immigrants

This Scale up Institute was founded by the businessman Sherry Coute and Reid Hoffman, CBE and co-founder of LinkedIn.  It was launched to help fast growing British new businesses in becoming the international giants.  It provides advice on the export markets, leadership and also on increasing the finance.

In a survey made the institute has also revealed that the small firms will be in a position to grow more if the  Tier 2 visa system was easy to navigate.

According to the Institute, putting the overseas workers on the job would facilitate the growth of distribution of products and services and it will also help the firms enter foreign markets and also assist with the beginning of new products and services across the new territories internationally.

In a statement Sherry Coute and Reid Hoffman said that the hiring within the UK was difficult, but the recruitment process for an individual from the foreign and getting them to the UK is much more complicated.  Many companies have to rely on the immigration lawyers for the help with navigating the process of Tier 2.  Even then also a potential candidate can choose for the other, low complicated job offer. 

According to Ms Coute, the Tier 2 limitations which exists are presenting the scale up firms with the difficulties in employing skills from the non-EU nations. 

It was also pointed out that in the year 2013, just 11,790 Tier 2 visas were granted by the Home Office, even though the yearly limit being 20,700. This shows the requirement for immigration visas for Britain’s fastest growing new firms.

The chief executive of the Institute, Irene Graham said that they want to view the introduction of visa for the growing firms for assisting the fast-growing firms with access to the top global talent.

According to him if the firm is growing very quickly but its taking months for acquiring the essential skills set then something need to be done for speeding up the process.

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