Business Visa Changes New Zealand

January 11, 2014

Business Visa Changes New Zealand

There are to be changes made to the immigration system in New Zealand is early 2014, these changes are to the Business Visa that is currently available in the country. The long term Business Visa is to be replaced. The replacement will mean that the new visa for businesses will be renamed. Other changes will be the requirements needed to obtain a visa and a new points system for this visa which will allow the best of the best to enter New Zealand and stop businesses that are not as successful or poignant to the country gaining visas. The visa will be much more streamlined and efficient during the application process.

The entrepreneur plus visa will also no longer exist, instead an entrepreneur residence visa will be available, this visa will also carry certain criteria and requirements must be met for an application to be successful.

From December the 20th 2013 4pm the long term business visa closed. No more applicants will now be able to apply until March 2014. This is to stop loads of applicants applying before the new visa is up and running. All application that have been submitted before 4pm on the 20th December 2013 will still be processed.

From March 2014 a visa called the entrepreneur work visa will be available to apply for. This will be the replacement for the current long term business visa. The visa will work by gaining points in different area of business. Points will be awarded to the applicant for criteria such as job creation. They must be able to prove that starting or setting up a business in New Zealand while under this visa will create a certain number of jobs per year, and that these jobs will be available for New Zealand citizens and residents. Other areas in which points will be gained are in export. New Zealand’s economy relies heavily in the export of goods manufactured in New Zealand as well as food. The business must prove that it will have revenue from export to gain more points for their final score.  The amount of business experience will also gain the applicant points for this visa. If the applicant can invest in regions outside of Auckland then they will then gain extra “bonus” points for their application. There will also be a minimum that must be invested.

The changes are being made and will come into effect from March 2014 to attract the best and the brightest businesses from around the world, which in turn will benefit New Zealand.

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