Call for extending the latest Australian working holiday visa rules

January 19, 2016
Many Australian states seek to extend the working holiday visa so that young individuals could spend more time working in a location or for an employer. 

The previous year, the northern regions had gained from the latest visa regulations that had permitted the makers of the working holiday for an employer and for the job for counting towards the extension of the visa.

Call for extending the latest Australian working holiday visa rules

The rule was set in between the concerns that there are less working holiday makers are choosing to do the job in the northern part of the country. It was also an answer to the severe shortage of part time employees in industries like farming and hospitality sector; both the sectors heavily depend on part time employees.

Under the rules for working holiday visa, the individuals could work for an employer for six months and extension of visa is possible if they had done the job for three months in a job area as told by Australian Immigration Department. 

Other states like Tasmania, is also seeking to introduce the similar rules for people to apply for working holiday visas for motivation them to visit, work and reside in the area.

According to Greg Price, Council for Australian Tourism Industry (TICT), the matter that resulted in an alternative for the Northern region of Australia are the similar issues that Tasmania is facing with almost 8,000 employees are required in the next coming years.

As per Steve Old, Chief, Tasmania Hospitality Association, there are presently many employment vacancies, particularly in hotels and restaurants.

According to Luke Martin, TICT Chief Executive, the pressure of shortage of staff would rise over the coming two three years.

Australian Immigration and Border Protection Department (DIBP) Spokesperson told that the last visa regulations for the visa is still being estimated and the decision has not been taken yet for extending them unless the whole has been completed.

However, Richard Colbeck, Australian Tourism Minister, does not rule out the expansion of working holiday visa program reforms in future.

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