Canada Anticipates Massive Immigration Restructuring In The Fall

September 26, 2016
The Canadian immigration system is known for a constant revisiting of its scheme’s policies to accommodate more inviting and incentivizing strategies for people and labor across the globe. They occasionally plan ahead and also make predictions for future years based on their current experience and gathered facts in their immigration system. 

Canada Anticipates Massive Immigration Restructuring In The Fall

The latest of the nation’s effort in ensuring the upkeep of its immigration system is stemmed in the massive change, restructuring, and revitalization expected in the fall season this year. Reference to this, John McCallum, the Canadian minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship has stressed that Trudeau government is prepared to incorporate positive changes and ones that will attract more labor across the globe to Canada.
He said this recently when he visited the Peel region as part of the nationwide consultation scheme focused at incorporating formidable immigration policies as promised in the manifestoes of the Liberal party during the 2015 election publicity. 

It was reported that the visit to Brampton and Mississauga by the minister allowed him avenues to meet with local members of the parliament, where immigration issue particularly those concerning the family class immigration system was the major point of discussion. The meeting was said to have been held to ensure that the family class immigration process is sped up in due course without the notorious waste of time it was known for. McCallum also said that the activities regarding this immigration move was to show to the citizens of Canada and the entire world at large that the government of Canada is ever responsible and committed to their promises as well as the requests and pains of their citizens and their loved ones around the globe.

He also revealed that the current family immigration class processing duration is unacceptable. He opined that it takes approximately two years for a couple to be reunited according to the current plan and it is simply uncalled for. He said the current problem is not one caused by the government at hand but an alibi inherited from the past government and that his team are working hard for positive restructuring and improvement of the scheme that will allow the family immigration class to be processed in a more easier way, and within a very short time.

The new system is expected to introduce massive change to the face and outlook of the current system, with changes to family and skilled class, economic category as well as the visitor’s visa policy set to be incorporated in the fall season.

According to substantiated reports, Markham Thornhill also discussed the plan and promised the citizens an expectation of the initiation of the new system in the fall season while also revealing that the scheme has got to streamline the admission of economic immigrants as well as refugees and family class. He also revealed the plan of the government to make it easier for international students to become permanent residents, giving them more points to choose Canada as a country of study.

McCallum had however also said in his words that top on the priority of the new government is to help international students settle and become permanent residents because they are young, educated and fluent in English or French. He also added that the government is working tirelessly to improve visitors’ visa requirements which seems to be creating bottleneck especially in some part of India.

He concluded that the visitors’ visa project will allow them freedom for social gatherings as wedding and funerals as well as make the visa available as and when due.

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