Canada Brings Syrian and Jordanian Men Together

May 15, 2018

Canada has one of the best immigration systems in the world and has improved not only the lives of thousands of people but also found the best friends. One such story is of a Syrian refugee, Hasan Sheblack and a Jordanian immigrant, Guss Ash, who met while working at Fairmont Hotel, Vancouver, British Columbia. They have their own companies now but make time for each other whenever possible. The thing that they like the most about living in Canada is the respect and understanding Canadians practice.


Guss said that the people in Canada are very respectful and that is what makes the country his home. He is a government-assisted Syrian refugee who came to Canada around six months ago with his wife and three children. Hasan said that he wants to thank Canada for bringing him there and to Canadian people for helping him and his family. Guss is currently the general manager of Ultra GSM Construction and Hassan runs the Sheblak Flooring and Tile Works. Whenever possible, they work together and also employ Syrian refugees on their projects. Last winter, both men went to Saskatchewan to work on a project for 15 days and drove 16,000 km.

Wisdom for newcomers

During their interview, they were asked they’d give any advice to refugees and immigrants. Guss said to keep trying. Wherever they get placed, find something good and keep going. Hard work always pays off, and it doesn’t matter if you are 20-years old or 50-years old. They wake up early in the morning, always pumped to work and achieve success, and no matter how tired they are after a day’s work, they keep going. Guss emphasized that ethnicity is a significant aspect of the country because when so many people from different countries come to live in Canada, they bring their cultures and traditions giving a new direction to lifestyle.

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