Canada Deserves a lot for Immigration Innovation

April 15, 2017

There is a saying that necessity is the brainchild behind innovative strides, and that is a fact when we take a look at the steps the country of Canada has put in place for its migration scheme.

The nation is now the poster child for innovation; it has infused into its routine of admitting migrants a touch of innovation not seen anywhere else in the world for more than 150 years now.

The nation’s migration scheme has gone through a lot of alterations to get to where it is since the days of the Confederation, and the government presently requires fresh new ideas as new problems with migration are beginning to stare it in the face.

In the year 1867, the county had a demography number of about 3.5 million inhabitants. It required migrants for the development of its economy, for the security of its lands and most importantly, to build a new world. In the years following the era of Confederation, the nation was successful in its population growth, which was made possible by the railway system put in place by the government that provided migrants with free access to lands in the countryside, and also an admission scheme that brought in a lot of migrants from across Europe and the United States.

Maybe, the most successful era of innovation for the country’s migration plan has come and gone in the last half a century. In its bid to make itself even more accessible to migrants, the state began the first ever point based migration scheme in the year 1967 which enabled the nation to assess the migrants who are coming in.

The nation was a forerunner back in the days and remains a leader when it comes to migration policies today.

There only a handful of countries that make use of points based migration scheme.

In its bid to aid the global troubles facing humanity worldwide, the country made moves to prepare its citizens to be ready to help others who might require their help.

In the year 1978, it began the first ever personal support program for asylum seekers, which would be essential in the resettling of the nation’s over 60,000 asylum seekers from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Ever since a lot of nations have taken up this scheme of migration. During an eight-year period between ’78 and ’86, the government began three schemes to take in migrant people in business and traders.

These systems looked to make the population of skilled individuals in the nation increase. As a report currently shows, a lot of nations presently require the business skills of migrants.

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