Canada expands funding for pre-arrival services

April 14, 2015
Foreigners can benefit from expanded Canada pre-arrival services

The Citizenship and Immigration Minister of Canada, Chris Alexander states that $24 million will be given to provide higher access to data and services to new entrants prior  departure from their countries. 

The pre-arrival services will help many overseas nationals to enter Canada better prepared to assimilate into the new communities. The funding will be accessed through partner firms to assist foreign nationals and refugees to come well prepared to settle in Canada. And, orientation sessions overseas will help new entrants to gain a deep insight into the Canadian life, how to utilize their talent in the Canadian labor market. The services will also help to make new connections with service providers, professional associations, educational institutions, regulators, and employers. 

CIC funded organizations to provide pre-arrival services will be working collaboratively with domestic settlement provider firms to make sure effortless program delivery. The settlement services motto is to offer new entrants with the new information they need to make proper decisions, key skills to realize their integration goals, labor market services to find as well as retain employment and community support to enhance professional and personal networks as well. 

The Canadian government will keep on offering a high-end support for the assimilation and settlement of new entrants to make sure that all have access to the similar services irrespective of where intend to settle. 

Alexander stated that the government is focused to create jobs and promote economic growth while assuring all new entrants have access to services and programs that guarantees their successful amalgamation in Canada.

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