Canada has increased the limit on applications for its PGP program

February 27, 2016
The Liberals has increased the limit on the number of applications the Canadian government would accept for the popular PGP program.

The Canadian Immigration Minister had issued the formal instructions that this year and the coming years around 10,000 applications would be accepted, which has increased from 5000.

Canada has increased the limit on applications for its PGP program

The Liberals has pledged to increase the limit on the applications during its election campaign. The step indicates the plan on how many immigrants would be accepted by Canada in this year. 

The Canadian PGP program is among the most popular immigration program but was closed down due to some problems in it.

It was again started in the year 2014, the government had made many changes in it like raising the money needed for the individual to sponsor their parent or grandparent, and the duration of support should be guaranteed. Putting the limit on the new applications at 5000. The Liberal had pledged to raise it during their previous campaign.

They had signaled that the step would be taken in the starting months of new year, when rather than taking off the intake of latest applications at 5000 they had accepted more than 14,000 applications.

The initial 10,000 complete files would be processed on top of those who are already in the system. And as per the data on the website of Immigration Department, the department is still working through the files they had got before 4th November 2011.

According to the ministerial instructions for the latest limit, these instructions will contribute to the strategy of facilitating the family reunification and fulfilling the Canada government’s commitment of increasing the latest application intake to the utmost 10,000 applications yearly.

While the instructions change the limit, they don’t change any other parts of the programs, and that also include the applications would be processed on the basis of first come first serve.

This decision has created a rewarding business for the courier companies who are taking huge money to guarantee that the application is much ahead in the queue.

Earlier this year when the public urged to look into the matter, Mc Callum had told that he will look into if any modifications can be done in the future.

In the year 2014, the previous year for which the complete statistics are available, just more than 18,000 people were granted entry into Canada under this program.

This year the total number of people granted entry into the Canada would be seen in the government document called as immigration level plan, which is published by 1st November every year.

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