Canada has upgraded single entry visa to multiple entry for Chinese travelers

March 19, 2014

Canada has upgraded single entry visa to multiple entry for Chinese travelers

For Chinese travelers, Canada has upgraded its single entry visa to multiple entry visa so that they do not have to fill applications and pay processing fee every time. The new visa policy has been applicable since 6th February and allows eligible travelers to stay up to 6 months in Canada at a time for a 10 year maximum time period. The Canadian government is more committed to ease legitimate travel and trade, according to the Canadian Embassy in China.

Multiple entry visas issued in the year 2002 increased from 1,50,000 to more than 4,35,000 in the year 2012, which shows the increasing recognition for this visa.

As per the information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China, a total of 81 countries have signed a visa abolition deal with China, with the majority of the countries introducing ‘visa on arrival policies’ or ‘visa exemptions’ for tourists from China.

The ministry of the Director General of the Department of Consular Affairs, Huang Ping, said that they are likely to have negotiations with many countries to improve confidence and to sign easy visa agreements with many more countries in the future.

China is the most heavily populated country and the fastest growing economy in the world. Additionally, for outbound tourists, currently, China is the 4th largest country. Many of the countries are looking for advancement in tourism amid an uncertain economy in such a weak environment.

This increasing population mobility brings information, material, trade and capital flows from all sides. Developing tourism is the best way of supporting growth of trade and industry and attracting foreign investment.

Therefore, it is essential to simplify entry terms and provisions and there are many other flexible and fast immigration procedures introduced for Chinese citizens by foreign countries.

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