Canada invites applications in the Interim PR pathway for Caregivers

March 06, 2019
Canada has opened an Interim Pathway specifically for Caregivers to submit the PR applications from eligible and in-home temporary overseas caregivers, who arrived in the country subsequent to 30th Nov 2014.

The Details

The temporary pathway will close on June 4, 2019. Additionally, for the IRCC there is no limit to accept the applications.  IRCC has also stated that this measure is the response to concerns of caregivers who arrived in Canada using the Caring for People with High Medical Needs and the Caring for Children pilot programs.  As per the rules in the past, they did not qualify to seek permanent residence.

Canada invites applications in the Interim PR pathway for Caregivers

Eligibility Norms

The temporary program caters to the individuals who acquired work experience using the Temporary Foreign Worker Program matching with the description and list of primary duties for NOC Group 4411/4412.

In order to be eligible, these candidates need to have the intention to reside outside Quebec. They also must possess these requirements:

• Canadian authorization to work on a work permit different than the Live-in Caregiver Program work permit while applying; or

• The renewal Application of a work permit different than the LCP work permit; or

• Also submitting the application and possessing eligibility for restoration of status, and also holding the permit different than the LCP permit as a recent work permit; and

• language skills of NCLC/ CLB 5 in English or French; and finally,

• 12 months of full-time work experience in Canada since November 30, 2014, in the related job; and

• A Canadian/non-Canadian high school credential, diploma or certificate equivalent to a high school diploma in Canada.

• All credentials obtained in foreign areas require an Educational Credential Assessment issued five years prior to the date of application from the approved organization indicating that the credential, diploma or certificate is equivalent in standing with the diploma of the Canadian secondary school.

• Moreover, the candidates who obtain educational credential outside Canada and cannot obtain the ECA before 4th June 2019 are also eligible after providing proof of applying to get the ECA. It must be the written confirmation regarding submitting an ECA request and also the payment receipt.

Such Caregivers, who currently work or have a recent work permit, in the Live-in Caregiver Program, are disqualified in this pathway.

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