Canada PM apologizes for Sikhs deported in 1914

May 24, 2016
The Sikhs in Canada were the first migrant community from India in the early 20th century faced discrimination. Despite large scale adversities the entrepreneurial community in India emerged as the powerful community in Canada, they are highly influential in Canada. Presently 11 people of Indian origin are the Members of Canada parliament. 

Canada PM apologizes for Sikhs deported in 1914

The Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau respecting the valuable contribution by the Indians and their hard working nature, in an historical event apologized for the mistake committed by the then Canada Government in 1914 which turned back the Japanese ship Komagata Maru, carrying Sikhs from Punjab after two months of legal proceedings. 

This is the second time in the history of Canada a Prime Minister apologized for the incident. Canada in the early 20th century introduced discriminatory policies, did not allow Indians at all. 

In the mid 1960’s the policies were eased and the Indian population from all corners of the India increased in Canada. The Indian society in Canada is robust; they are into business, academics, totally in all walks of Canada life style. 

The Prime Minister Justin is liberal and explained that if the Indians were not turned back to India in 1914, the Canada would have been brighter. The injustice made to the Indians was extreme and the Prime Minister also apologized for the same. 

Canada Immigration now attracts good number of people from all corners of the world. Indian community is one of the largest in Canada.

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