Canada Processed 80% PR Applications in Less Than 4 Months

June 09, 2018
The Canadian government is one of the fastest and active governments across the globe. In 2017, the government processed more than 80 percent permanent residency applications received through in just four months. The usual waiting time is six months, but the government is approving applications two months in advance. All the applications were from Express Entry’s two most popular streams - Canada Experience Class and Federal Skilled Worker program. Canadian government’s processing time was mentioned in Express Entry’s annual report of 2017. CIC News quoted that Express Entry program was intended to be a quick method for managing applications for immigration and the Canadian government has stayed true to its word.

In 4 Months Canada Processed 80% PR Applications

Benefits of becoming a Canadian permanent resident:

  1. The PR card allows you to work, live, and travel all across the country. You can also study at universities and colleges by paying domestic fees and not international.
  2. You become qualified to sponsor qualified members of your family including your spouse, children, and parents for Canadian permanent residency.
  3. You have to pay taxes based on physical residence, so any money earned out of Canada is not taxable.
  4. You are eligible for the post-secondary education provided by provincial and federal government.
  5. You are eligible for a range of social security services.
  6. You are eligible for benefiting from the national health program.
  7. Your kids can complete school for free.
  8. You and your family receive protection under the Charter of Freedoms and Rights.
  9. Canadian law is available to the PR holders on par with citizens.

Canada’s passport is the sixth strongest in the world, allowing you to travel visa-free to more than 159 countries, which include the United States, the United Kingdom, and Schengen Europe. The government gives you the option of holding dual citizenship, one of Canada and other of your home country. 

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