Canada's Express Entry System driving many IELTS test takers

December 21, 2015
When the Canada’s federal government started the latest Express Entry System in January 2015, the British Council knows that they can see an increase in the demands for the International English Language Tests (IELTS) tests. This IELTS test is the world’s most favorable English language test.

Canada's Express Entry System driving many IELTS test takers

To apply for the express entry, newcomers are needed to score at least six on the IELTS test (as nine is the high score).  While the immigration system of Canada was earlier a system for first come first serve, the latest express entry system selects the candidates based on their qualifications. The easy way for the candidate to control their score and boost their chances of getting selected through the express entry system is to score superior on the IELTS test. 

As per IELTS marketing manager, British Council, Assia Hamdane, the testing organization is viewing an increase in demand from IELTS test takers. 20% rise was seen in the month of May 2013, when the government started the skilled migration program. The British Council provides preparatory coursed at their centers to assist the students prepare for the exam. Hamdane is expecting a hike in demand for the preparatory course of British Council as well as the exam itself due to express entry.

To help the students, the British Council provides a free 30 hour online preparatory courses known as Road to IELTS. This course assists the students to get a high IELTS score. Hamdane told that the program can raise the student’s score by an entire point.  Those students whose names had been passed over in the draw for express entry will be well served by taking the course to enhance their score, providing them the greater chance of being selected in the subsequent draw.

According to Hamdane, when a student takes up the test again, they could return to the online platform and update their profile with the high score.

The effectiveness of the British Council Road to IELTS preparation course is entrenched in its history of offering quality education. The material which is used in the Road to IELTS was designed by experts from  British Council  English who got wealth of experience and history of success in education. IELTS was the initial test to get recognized by the CIC and previous year, CIC had announced that it was going to renew the trust in the IELTS for five more years, causing the demand for the IELTS preparation course to develop exponentially as more and more newcomers seek the Canadian permanent residency.

To meet the demand for the IELTS test and preparation courses, the British Council added latest test centres. They presently had 15 test centres and over 40 venues all over the country and they are also looking to partner with centres in cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary where they had seen increasing demand. Additional test centres are starting up in these cities and their suburb areas.

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