Canada's new PM promised to simplify citizenship route

October 29, 2015
In start of this month, the Liberal Party swings to power, though they have not been sworn in officially, with a promise to simplify the citizenship route for the foreign students. The stakeholders are very hopeful about what the changed leadership may bring to this sector.  

The membership, public policy and communications, vice-president, Jennifer Humphries, told that the Party has indicated number of evaluations and the changes that will affect the foreign students.

New PM of Canada promises to ease the immigration route

The newly elected PM Justin Trudeau has promised to make easy for the foreign students and to remove the hurdles for foreign students who apply through the program called Canadian Experience.

But the party did not disclose that how they are going to do that but they had also pledged to provide temporary residents and the foreign students, the credit for time spent in Canada while applying for the PR.

Presently, the applicants should have lived in Canada for 4 to 6 years leading to their application. The times spent in studying in Canada do not count towards it.

On top of it the policies which are directed towards the foreign students, there are Trudeau’s many other election promises that might positively impact the sector.

A policy that might positively affect the industry is the PM’s proposed exclusion of visa needs for the Mexico citizens.

Although the promises are motivating but stakeholders are thinking that it will be too early to predict the new government will impact the foreign education sector.

As some of them think that they are hopeful the government will act on the promise. They also think that the change will be helpful for both the requirements of the Express Entry and Experience Class.

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