Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program Adds Special Benefits

May 04, 2019
All the Potential sponsors receiving the invitation at present have fewer than sixty days for submitting the complete application. The Canadian Government completed issuing invitations to the sponsors in the Parents/Grandparents Program. Moreover, this program permits all eligible permanent residents and citizens of Canada above the 18 years age for sponsoring their parents as well as their grandparents to seek permanent residence in Canada.

Canada’s Parents and Grandparents Program Adds Special Benefits

The Details

IRCC presently has set the target of attracting 20,000 applications (complete) in this program in 2019.

The norm for getting a consideration in the invitation to apply in this program is that the interested persons have to initially go for submitting the Interest to Sponsor Form in the submission period during January every year.

In 2019, IRCC received 27,000 Interest to Sponsor forms on the timing of arrival basis. Moreover, the intake of the January 28 round was so strong and IRCC was successful in reaching the quota in within 10 minutes. It issued Invitations in a similar order of receiving the Sponsor forms. Also, there is a review for ensuring eligibility and removing the duplicates. IRCC commenced issuing invitations from April 24 and the process was completed on April 27.

Interested sponsors get 60 days for submitting the complete application, as well as the supporting documents.

Other Facts 

For all the persons, who successfully submit the Interest to Sponsor form, and do not get an invitation, IRCC keeps their submission as well as the contact information.

Furthermore, IRCC has stated that it is likely to open the Interest Form again in the present year in case there is a need for more sponsors.

Finally in 2018, IRCC held the round of invitations for a second time for applying to the PGP in July. It had increased the annual target to 17,000 from 10,000 for complete applications.

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