Canada's Tech Industry is Growing Faster

March 20, 2018

Canada is a far less populated country than its neighbor, the US, but Canadians spend more time online than Americans. It might surprise most of the people, but that’s because Canada’s tech industry is thriving really good. While Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube can be found on an American as well as Canadian’s phone, there are some more apps on the latter’s phone which make them spend more time online.

These apps include apps of Canadian banks, supermarkets, loyalty programs, and Kijiji, a classified website, an app, which is more successful than Craiglist in Canada. Breville One-Touch tea maker is a boon for those who can’t stop drinking tea. Instant Pot is another example that invention of a Canadian, which is a more advanced pressure cooker that reduces cooking time by almost half. In 2017, another Canadian developed a cycle with a GPS that calculates distance and heart rate as well. Canada’s tech scene is expanding faster than ever. Canada is more connected to its citizens through these apps. Artificial intelligence dominates in Toronto and Montreal, which means it is easier to find skilled workers, thereby supporting skilled immigration levels.

Blackberry was one great innovation by Canada, but the country is already past that and is marching towards another innovation. With the number of highly skilled immigrants entering the country, one can surely guess that Canada is going to be the home to the next multibillion-dollar startup.

Best Canadian startups

Young businesspeople are flourishing in Canada. Some notable startups born in Canada in the past two years include StrawHouse, Article, ForeverSpin, Cluep, and Canadian Home Improvement Credit Corporation. Surprisingly, most of these startups are in Toronto followed by Montreal and Vancouver. If we talked about the provincial majority, then almost 90 percent of startups are in Ontario. Any of these startups have the potential of becoming multi-billion dollar companies.

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