Canada Takes US Help with Nigerian Refugees

May 09, 2018

Nigerian asylum seekers have flooded Canada, and around 7,000 more are predicted to enter in 2018. Canadian authorities are unable to control the influx and have asked the US government to help them out. Canada wants US immigration authorities to make screening procedure for US visa applicants more stringent so that they can keep up with those entering the country. The government earlier thought that it was more like a ripple effect and won’t last for long as in last summer many Haitians from the United States came to Canada after Trump ended their temporary protected status.


However, Canada is experiencing a rise again as the temperature is getting warmer. Since New York - Quebec route is the shortest to enter Canada, and many are staying in Quebec putting a lot of pressure of the province’s resources and infrastructure. Mathieu Genest, a spokesman for Ahmed Hussen, Canadian immigration minister, said that Nigerians aren’t using the visa for its actual purpose. Genest said that they aren’t asking the US to refuse giving visas to Nigerians but ensure that it only goes to those who will return to Nigeria after their stay in America.

Canada and the US have always worked together on border issues, but this request is very surprising since Canada is feeling pressured to keep up with the growing number of asylum seekers. Isaac, a Nigerian living in Montreal for the past six weeks with his family, said that he doesn’t want to go back to Nigeria. He came to Texas in 2017 and claimed refugee status for himself, wife, and two children, but his application was rejected.

He doesn’t want immigrants

Isaac said that US president Donald Trump doesn’t want immigrants, whereas, Canada is open for an immigrant. Because of the increased number, Canada is looking forward to tone down its immigrant-friendly image and reveal to people how difficult claiming refugee status is.

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