Canada Weakens Citizenship while Australia Strengthens

April 23, 2017

Amongst nations that are predominantly English speaking, the country of Canada has by far the weakest migration policy of all.

Under current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the country has lessened the hurdles and prerequisites for the issuance of citizenship at a time when other nations are making their permit and citizenship policies even stricter.

These nations are making the policies more stringent in response to a harsh reality that the border and cultural values are presently at risk at being eroded.

The country of Australia is the modern society to tackle the topic of undocumented migration, as its Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull made public the extensive alterations to the nation’s citizenship and migration scheme. The government would drop the rate at which it receives migrants, put a limit on the maximum age that can be attained by any talented foreigner and pass stringent requirements for the test of English language for all aspiring citizens.

To qualify for the citizenship scheme in the nation of Australia, incomers are needed to have first resided in the country for at least four years, scaled the test of proficiency in English language and the analysis of Australian values and culture.

In terms of values of the country, the prime minister made it sternly clear that the nation, and by extension the people, are characterized by a desire to stay committed to absolute values on politics, democracy, gender equality, freedom and a lot more.

Just think about that for a minute.

A nation assured in its abilities, constructing its migration scheme and requesting that foreigners pass a mandatory assessment without losing their minds. In the government of Canada, the very thought and idea that the country has any iota of values are totally laughable. The elites in the political space and the news outlets have gone on a massive agenda to nail Leitch for the statement that the nation has moral and cultural values to protect.

The prime minister also told news agencies that the country had no such identity as he talked about his dream of a wholesome state. Also, his administration was occupied with the laws that would grant incoming migrants unhindered entrance into the nation.

The new law passed abolished a test of English for incoming migrants who are above the age of 54.

It also dropped the time frame required to go from migrant to Canadian citizen. It also awards the title of “Citizen” to felons.

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