Canada welcomed 260,000 people in 2014

December 24, 2014
: Canada gladly received 260,000 people in 2014

Minister for Canada's Citizenship and Immigration, Chris Alexander thanked the countries government for welcoming more than 260,000 overseas nationals and for making advancements in citizenship act and in citizenship program.  He further added that compared to previous year’s figure the country has attained more count this year and double the count of past year. 

Canadian government has stride to make changes in the application process through citizenship act. Few of the changes that has been done in the citizenship act that has come to live on 1 august are, the process has been streamlined from three levels to one and have reduced the request backlog to 17% since June of 2014. With the improvements made in the new act, country has seen a steady surge of 115,000 individuals as Canadian nationals.

Canadian government is also planning to remove the nationality application backlog and to decrease the application processing time to lesser than one year from coming years. Request processing fee for individuals who receive their application after 1 January 2015 have to pay about $530, which is more than the previous year fee of $300. Another important aspect is that citizens can benefit from few free additional services such as citizenship evidences.

With the improvements made in the new citizenship act, the Canadian government has seen a rapid growth in overseas migration figure.

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