Scarborough witnesses more individuals taking up Canadian citizenship and taking their oath

May 02, 2014
Canadian citizenship oath taking ceremony in Scarborough Canada

According to official news (a news release) from the CIC, citizens exceeding 3,200 in number from about 135 nations were provided entry in Scarborough during the last month. This number is in excess of twice the number of persons who were accorded citizenship status in the month of April, last year. 

The growing high number of new citizens that are being ushered into Scarborough shows how the government is through its work enabling the citizenship program and making it more effective, while at the same time assisting individuals in attaining Canadian citizenship early. Also, the government contemplated changes in Bill C-24, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, would decrease wait times by systematizing, etc. the processes involved in making this type of decisions. It is surmised that the systematization of the visa-granting processes would decrease the time involved to less than one year. Also, the size of the unprocessed applications would also be lessened by about 80% by 2015-2016.

According to available statistics, Canada has experienced the biggest continuous levels of immigration in the country’s history. Thus, Canada has witnessed a growth in citizenship levels of about 30%. Also, for an individual who assumes Canadian citizenship, the citizenship rite marks his/her entry into the Canadian family. The citizenship rite and ceremony is by itself a singular, significant and important aspect of Canadian civic life. Individuals who are/become citizens think about, contemplate upon, etc. on what it means to be a Canadian citizen, during times such as this.
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