Canadian government to overhaul its immigration system

December 31, 2014
Canada to revamp its migration system through express entry

With the launch of new immigration system, the Canadian government is about to restore its existing migration system. This new Canadian express entry electronic system selects the skilled candidates and assigns the ranks based on certain criteria. Previously, the Canadian government used points based system to select the skilled workers but now the country has come up with new selection program called express entry to select the candidates based on a set of factors.

Applicants who rank top in the pool will be officially invited to apply for the scheme. The main aim of this new program is to offer more jobs for overseas skilled workers and to fill the open positions in the country.

Canadian immigration minister, Chris Alexander revealed earlier that this new system acts as a big game changer in the country’s migration process.

Few of the things that an individual must know about the express entry program are what is going to happen next and about the draws. In a year, around 15 to 25 times the government would select the skilled applicants for permanent residency through lucky draws. The Canadian government is going to select the candidates based on the fluctuations that happen in the labor market and the figure of candidate profiles in pool. 

During the course of the year 2015, the existing government of the country is anticipating around 172,100 and 186,700 skilled applicants from overseas nations.

Time and date of each of the lucky draw will be published by the government. After the completion of each draw, the government will declare the count of invitations that it has received and the score obtained by the top ranked individual in the pool.

Individual who ever receives the formal invitation from concerned authorities have to file the application within 60 days. To complete the full immigration process from filing of application to final documentation, it takes around six months, according to the Canadian government.

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