Canadian Jobs - 433,000 Vacancies in the Third Quarter of the Year

November 26, 2019
A report of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business suggested that there were 433,000 job vacancies in the private sector of Canada during the third quarter of 2019. Also, the vacancy rate remained unchanged at 3.2%, denoting the need for appointing skilled workers for filling up the positions available in Canada.

Canadian Jobs - 433,000 Vacancies in the Third Quarter of the Year

These numbers remain a record high. Also, in the First Quarter of the year, the vacant positions in the country were 435,000. As per the estimate of the report, there were 433,000 unfilled jobs in the private sector between July to September that was 15,000 extra than last year. 

The Industries Needing Workers

The British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec provinces had a major job vacancy rate in the private sector.

In Quebec, the vacancy rate was 4.0%, and in British Columbia, it was 3.8% followed by Ontario having 3.2%. The range in Maritime Provinces was between 1.9 -3.0%.  Last year, there was a significant increase in job vacancies for skilled positions, more so in the sectors of agriculture, IT and hospitality. The tech industry in Canada is booming and presenting a major demand for skilled workers for filling up jobs in leading cities like Vancouver.

Ideal Time to Work and Live in Canada

The situation of unfulfilled jobs continuously increasing and aging of the working population presents a favorable time for all skilled overseas workers to look for work and life in Canada. The best route for them is by using the Federal Express Entry. Professionals having the highest level of education, one-year work experience and proficiency in English or French can presently use the speedy immigration programs of Express Entry. On selection, these candidates receive the Invitation to Apply, and can go-ahead to take up permanent residence in Canada.

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