Childrens Visa for New Zealand

December 05, 2013

Many people toy with the idea of migrating to a different country and now more and more people across the world put it into practise, their desire to set up in a new country drives them to do it. One of the most popular countries is New Zealand. It is easy to see why citizens from around the world would choose New Zealand as their destination of choice. New Zealand offer many different visas to cover a vast amount of different individuals to join their beautiful, diverse country. As international citizens benefit from New Zealand the individual will also bring benefit to New Zealand be it for work, or culture. With such a vast and widespread visa system an applicant will find the right visa to cover their impending visit, or to continue their visit in the country.

As with all visas from every country there are specific requirements and criteria that must be met and adhered to. The System is run in such a way to protect the country on a border control level and applicant. It also stops the applicant from being exploited in anyway.

Many families choose New Zealand to immigrate to, a better lifestyle for themselves and their children. Sometimes the family do not move out to new Zealand at the same time but then may wish to join their family. This is ok but visas will be required and criteria must be met. A child visa can be obtained if a dependent child wishes to join their parents in New Zealand. The child must apply for a residence visa for New Zealand and their parent must be a Citizen or permanent resident of New Zealand and of course living in the country.

To apply an applicant must have a filled in, completed and signed application form. evidence of the parent to the applicant's immigration status. Evidence must be shown to prove that the parent and child are legitimate. Any applicant that is aged between eighteen and twenty four and applying on a child's visa may also need to have financial documents to prove they can financially support themselves. A fee is also charged for the application and so the applicant will need to provide this. Other criteria for the application that New Zealand require are chest x-rays and medical certificate. If the applicant is aged eleven or under a chest x-ray is not required unless has been specifically requested.
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