China to ease green card rules to attract overseas talent

January 13, 2016

In search for additional overseas talent to assist create a more innovative and enterprising economy, China would introduce its latest initiatives from 1st March for making it easy for the overseas citizens to get the Chinese green card.

China to ease green card rules to attract overseas talent

This is one of the 10 initiatives that were unveiled yesterday for attracting skilled overseas citizens, overseas students and entrepreneurs and the creative talent.

Beijing would adopt another package of 10 initiatives that were introduced in Shanghai previous July for easing the visa and immigration rules for the overseas talent and raising their chances of get permanent residency.

One of the initiatives would permit the overseas citizen to earn much money so that they could apply for the green card which would do away with the requirement of work visas and also provides the cardholder the access to the public services.

The aim for attracting the overseas talent to Beijing and Zhongguancun, which followed the calls from President Xi Jinping since the year for the park for leading efforts of China to boost the innovation.

According to the spokesman from Public Security Ministry, the bottom line of the competition from the nations is war for international talent, who are important in seizing the latest opportunities and upgrading the industries.

The permanent residency of China is among hardest to get, with only 248 green cards being granted since the year 2014.

According to Liu Guofu, Immigration Law Expert, Beijing Institute of Technology, the latest initiatives would make Beijing the most open city for foreigners, who make up around less than 1% of the capital work force.

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