Chinese Migration in New Zealand

February 01, 2014

Chinese Migration in New Zealand

There have recently been new travel regulations put in place in New Zealand for the migrants from China. The recent changes have resulted in a loss of the amount of Chinese Migrants coming into the country though Tourism New Zealand say this was predicted and is worrying as the country is expected to reap the financial rewards from those temporarily migrating here as visitors with them sure to receive a better experience.

During the last three months the Chinese Visiting Migrants into New Zealand have continued to drop. This is when a new travel law for the Chinese people was launched, with the idea to stop tour operators giving cheaper tour prices by including agendas with certain shopping destinations.

The new changes have seen up to a 30% rise in retail price for New Zealand tours that are promoted in China, says Kevin Bowler who is the Tourism NZ Chief.

The results are however working, with the visiting Chinese migrants tending to now stay longer in New Zealand and travel further into the country.

Without the Chinese tourists being restricted with tour operators conditions they are now more free to explore more of New Zealand, and though this has seen a decrease in travellers from China it has seen an increase in their contribution to the economy here with them staying longer and subsequently spending more.

New Zealand has many Chinese communities and during Chinese New Year there were many celebrations and festivals across the country which did wonders for the economy as well as having a huge effect on the entertainment on offer for all, citizens as well as migrants.

New Zealand is a country that embraces freedom, as well as migrants. Restrictions are not what the country is about and so by removing these is sure to have a better effect on all in the longer term.

The highest percentage of permanent Chinese migrants in New Zealand is made up of high professionals, with a large number working in the medical field. The health care system here is said to be the leader of the world and it is an enticing opportunity for those with the relevant skills.

There are now more cultures in New Zealand than there are countries in the world and diversity is a wonderful thing in any country. Many ethnic groups live side by side harmoniously and there are many housing opportunities such as priority given to first time buyers or lower wage earners. The current rebuild of the city of Christchurch will also add to this and be of much encouragement for more migrants into the country. 

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