Chinese to benefit from Australia's work and holiday program

July 09, 2015
Australia’s work and visa holiday program to attract young Chinese

The work and holiday visa program of Australia, which allows 5000 young Chinese to come and visit Australia to a working holiday, proves to become more popular as more number of Chinese are showing enthusiasm to participate in the program.

Since this program has been already announced, but the implementation is yet be done but expected to announce in the later half of 2015.

With the more number of chinese already attracted to Australia, this program will significantly raises the participation more and more in the near future.

This program was also widely discussed among young Chinese in social media and other platforms show the enthusiasm. 

This work and visa arrangement was announced alongside Australia-china free trade agreement which is to encourage investment and business in both the countries by each other.

To participate in this program, a Chinese applicant required to be aged in between 18-30 years. This program will also contribute some earnings to the country.

The significant rise of Australia and China economies during the last decades and increasing partnership in the trade and investment by the both countries, this program will contribute more to further the relation of both countries.

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