Chinese tourists mark a record in tourism

October 08, 2014
Chinese tourists mark a record in tourism

Australian Bureau released the new number of statistics this week where the Chinese tourists held the highest record of 1,002,500 over the past year.

The number of tourists from China especially from the mainland and Hong Kong has highly pitched over the past decade and is presently increasing up to 14 percent per annum. 

The senior analyst Craig James of commonwealth securities said that the growth of the Chinese tourists have been incredible. Later he added, by saying that the annual number of Chinese tourists’ rate has doubled in just about four years and China will exceed New Zealand which was our primary source of tourists in the region of five years.  

The further key development is that the on the whole tourists arrivals are rising just introverted of the highest speed in 14 years. There is no hesitation that it will boost by the development of the global economy. 

Tourism and Transport medium welcomed the statistics and also said that Australia is missing out a huge chance with the Chinese inbound market. 

The growth from the China is firm but is far behind when compares to other countries, this year the number of Chinese tourists visiting Canada has increased to 30 percent and 23 percent in the US – said the chief executive officer Margy Osmond. 

This is an understandable sign that Australia needs modification to make it easy for the Chinese tourists to visit. 

Osmond said - the budding visitors are choosing other destinations over Australia because their regime is not capable enough, despite of having momentous marketing funds from government tourism agencies

The travelers who want to an Australian visa needs to pay 130 dollars and provide a substantial proof, fill a 15 page application form in English and the processing time is takes minimum of 15 days. 

By disparity, a budding tourist from the US, the UK or Hong Kong can simply complete a quick online application form and receive an electronic visa for 20 dollars.
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