Chinese travelers to enter Portugal in February with Golden visas

March 12, 2015
Chinese visitors gain entry into Portugal under the Golden visa scheme

According to Portuguese CPCI, overseas citizens, mostly belonging to China have made investments amounting to 55 million euros related to purchases in the real estate under golden visa program. As per a declaration, the confederation said that this amount which was documented for real estate purchases calculated for 88.7% of the 62 million euros in totality as listed in second month of the year.

Among 2,203 visas allotted since the year 2012, a total of 2,088 are because of the acquiring of houses. Rest 113 visas are as a result of transfer of capital and remaining three were there for creating a minimum of 10 jobs. Chinese nationals are leading in investments in real estate at Portugal aided by the golden visa program. This scheme reported 103 residence permits in February, according to APEMIP.

After collecting a list of figures for the program, 1,777 Chinese nationals had purchased a house for a least amount of 500,000 euros since the year 2012. Following their cue were 74 investors from Brazil as well as 70 Russian citizens. The golden visa scheme provides residence permits to international citizens who belong to countries outside the Schengen region and make investments in Portugal at least for a period of five years.

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