Cleric Calls On Schengen Countries To Be Responsible For Asylums In Their Land

October 04, 2016
A Cleric has frowned at the way the European Union is treating the UK, almost like a dumping ground for immigrants into the continent.

Dr. John Sentamu, the archbishop of Yorkshire has requested that European nations grant asylum to refuge seeking immigrants in their own lands rather than pushing them through the borders of the United Kingdom.

The senior Clergyman of the Church of England was not reluctant to blame the positioning of Calais camp in the Schengen zone, which has offered most immigrants “freedom of movement” across the borders of Europe. 
Cleric Calls On Schengen Countries To Be Responsible For Asylums In Their Land

He added that the European Union nations have failed to offer best of help, integration and settlement to immigrants sauntering through their land, and was quick to question the surety of those nations that members of the global Islamic states are not seeking mix with the asylum seeking immigrants.

In his words at the Hanley literary festival which was sponsored by Dailymail, he mentioned that the Schengen countries should unilaterally face the consequences of the alibi they have created in the Calias camp in France which is reportedly a place of abode for almost 10000 immigrants from where scores of them attempt border-scaling into the United Kingdom weekly.

The cleric who was an asylum seeker himself after fleeing the shores of Uganda around the 1970s has suggested that the refugees should be taken care of in their landing zones rather than allowing them to suffer and think to flee to another nation close by. He revealed that the Schengen countries have not treated the inhabitants of Calais well. He claimed that as much as he is sympathetic and sorry for the refugees, all onus lie on the Schengen countries and they should not consider Britain to be at the receiving end of their negligence.

He revealed that asylums were only offered freedom of movement based on agreement and that should not be a reason all nations to be shunting them with the hope that they will end up in the United Kingdom, thus considering Britain as a soft spot.

He demanded that the Schengen countries resolve the occurrence because it is their agreement. Britain has not signed any such agreement and should not suffer its lapses. He also added and advised that Britain should intensify its security measures along the Libyan waters in the Mediterranean Sea to discourage immigrants from smuggling in through it.

In related vein, Tory MP, Jacob Rees-Mogg has acknowledged and praised the confidence of the Clergyman about the “awkward truth” spoken and added that the Schengen countries are expected to choose that path of wisdom and yield the advice. 

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