Colleges in Virginia often hire overseas employees

December 07, 2015
According to the analysis information, it was revealed that during this financial year 2015, which ended on 30th September, the employers from the US firms had got the permission for employing around 1.2 million overseas employees with H-1B visas. Over 32,000 of these immigrant workers were approved to work in Virginia and that also includes around 7,600 employees in the metropolitan area of Richmond.

In the US, the government had approved around 25% additional H-1B visas in the year 2015 than during the previous year.

Colleges in Virginia often hire overseas employees

During the previous year, the employers in the US had got the approval to employ about 9,25,000 foreign employees with the H-1B visas. Over 25,000 of these immigrant workers were granted permission to work in Virginia that includes around 6.100 in the Richmond Area.

Employers who use the H-1B visa program vary from hospitals to the technology companies. Universities and the colleges often employ overseas employee for their skills in language, academic expertise and research ability. Over 20,000 H-1B visas were issued to the universities all over the US in the year 2015 including around 525 in Virginia.

VCU Health System Authority had got the permission to employ 64 overseas workers, who are mostly assistant professors and researchers under this H-1B visa program in the year 2015. Virginia Tech got H-1B visas for 123 overseas employees during the previous year. And the Virginia University had got 114 visas. The number changes yearly in the year 2014, Tech received around 106 H-1B visas, VCU got 74 and Virginia University got 94.

Among all the US universities, the Michigan University had got the most of these H-1B visas in this year with the number counts to 391. Followed by Stanford with 368, Harvard with 236 and the Pennsylvania with 223.

Other kind of employers, especially in the tech sector also depends on the H-1B visas. In Richmond, the employers that were approved for employing many of the H-1B employees during the previous year were Cognizant with 1,262, Deloitte Consulting with 1176, Igate Technologies Inc with 987, Wipro Ltd with 830, Experis US Inc with 242 and Capital One with 189.

The number changes every year. Previous year, Wipro was on top with most H-1B visas with around 1,277 visas, next was Cognizant with 673, Deloitte with 304 and Capital One with 248.

The USCIS had set aside around 65,000 H-1B visas for the new applicants and around 20,000 more visas for overseas professionals who  had completed their graduation with either master or doctorate degree from the US university.

The demand for the H-1B visas is more than its supply and the application numbers rapidly reaches the limit. USCIS also conducts the system of lottery to award the visas.

The random selection process which is generated by the computer is used to select the petitions required to meet the limits of 65,000 for the general category and 20,000 under the advanced degree limit exemption.

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