Could the police force be the top choice?

January 12, 2014

Could the police force be the top choice?

The police service in New Zealand have seen a drop in assaults on police officers and a drop in the police using force against the public. New Zealand use a non lethal weapon approach while tackling incidents. Over all crime in the country has also seen a drop. This is excellent news for New Zealand as a whole. It has been said that the police in this country are on the “right path” when it comes to tackling crime.

The police and the citizens of New Zealand jointly agree that communication is the key and the preferred option in tackling matters but both do understand that some circumstance may involve force and that this is unfortunate but inevitable. In situations that are volatile, force would be the only means possible, if the public or the police are at risk force will be used and tasers are having the desired effect in these matters.

Tasers were introduced to the police in 2010, they work by giving an electric shock to the offender via two prongs which do hook into either the clothing or into the skin. Although in December 2010 reports did show a rise in the use of tasers but in the same hand problems were being calmed without the tasers discharging the probes into people. The taser is controversial, the police believe that they cause the least injury when a tactical option is the only available option left. Police can be killed in the line of duty and then this does cause debate about anti social behaviour and how to stop it. Being a police officer is a dangerous job in in New Zealand were crime is low.

In general the police do get a very high level of respect from the general public on New Zealand. People do not see them as hostile, they are simply there to help and assist if need be. New Zealand is not a country that is controlled by armed police officers patrolling the streets, if it were it would need be such a popular destination for migrants who travel there every year in their thousands. The police are not corrupt in new Zealand, again this is a country with very little corruption and why it is such a popular country to want to live a life in. the police walk amongst the citizens of New Zealand in a nonthreatening manner, they have no need need to be. People are respectful of the job they do and trust that they are doing good. Which they are.

The police force here is elite, and many migrant people are coming to the country specifically to join the police force. The most popular sector for migrant workers was always within public services but usually with healthcare or education at the forefront yet new figures show that the police force, if growth continues as it is, could soon be the number one choice for migrants.

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