Couple Finally Reunited After Immigration Confusion

March 15, 2018

Christine Hubert and Charles O’Hare live a happy life in Marysville, but suddenly Hubert was asked to return to France because of inadequate informed received by Immigration Canada. But after living separately for four months, the couple was reunited on February 17, 2018. Hubert is from France but has been living in O’Hare in 2011, soon after which they were married. Hubert even got her Canadian permanent residence permit in September 2017.

When she visited the Immigration Canada office in Surrey, she was told that she’ll get the card in 60 days, after which she could travel anywhere as it pleased. Hubert left for France in October 2017 to visit her brother who suffered a severe injury. But when she was set to return to Canada, immigration authorities at the airport told that her permit hadn’t come along, and she couldn’t board the flight. Her husband talked with the Canadian government while Hubert has spoken to the Canadian Consulate in France, but couldn’t find any help.

The consulate didn’t treat her well. The officials said that since she wasn’t a Canadian citizen, she wouldn’t be allowed inside. They would take her documents and make her stand in the rain. In the end, they warned her about coming to the consulate. Both, the husband and wife, tried different things but nothing worked. Finally, after waiting for almost three and a half months, Hubert got her permanent residency card on January 27, 2018, and couldn’t contain her happiness.

Meeting at the border

According to the rule set by the Canadian government, O’Hare had to pick her up from the US- Canada border, so she booked an American e-visa. O’Hare said that the moment she entered their house, she couldn’t be happier. Even though everything seems suspicious, the couple is delighted to be together finally.

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