Denmark is the happiest country of the world

October 24, 2013

Denmark is the happiest country of the world

In month of September Denmark was honored with the title of "Happiest country of the world". as per University of British Columbia economics professor John Helliwell, to get qualified for this honor all countries need to  rank high  in all major six key factors mentioned in the World Happiness Report. As per him the major six factors play the key role in deciding the title winner over years.

Now the question arises and why is Denmark being a country with small population of educated people managed to bag the title in competition with other wealthy, rich and educated countries.

Let's check out the prime reasons for which:

  • Denmark is contributing towards supporting the parents specially the mothers contributing almost 34 to 38 percent of Danish household incomes. More than 79 percentage of the mother population in Denmark return back to work in comparison to American mothers of just 59 percent.
  • Health care services are offered to people as their civil right and also as a source for social support. Denmark people know very well how to make use of health system in an effective way
  • Equality of gender is prioritized. On regular bases Denmark maintained its rank among the top ten countries of the world where gender equality is maintained.
  • People go on bike in Denmark the most while commuting from one location to other. This what makes the people over their fit and also reduces emissions of carbon leading to increase in Denmark  wealth
  • The culture of Danish  spin the harsh environment and introduced positive-ness
  • A positive sense of collective belonging and responsibility is present in Danes resulting in increase rate of volunteerism.

The people of Denmark take absolute pride in getting involved in democratic process. Denmark scores highest in rating of Democracy.

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