Denmark offers new dedicated routes only for the cycle riders

October 23, 2013

Denmark offers new dedicated routes only for the cycle riders

Denmark has come up with a route which is only dedicated to the cycle riders. The government is keen on promoting cycling as a major mode of transportation. It will ensure that the level of pollution is bought down and also a livelier and healthier environment is promoted.

Every developed country of the world has a provision for promoting the transportation of the cycling but in most of the cases it can be seen that the facilities promised were not actually available. Copenhagen however is a variation from that trend and they are providing the facilities for real.

The routes which encircle the city are dedicated for the bicyclers and not only that but various facilities are also arranged which makes the journey though cycle absolutely hassle free. The routes have the facilities for flat tires so that the riders do not face any kind of problems. Moreover the gas stations are also there. And, all these facilities are available at multiple places in the whole route. However this is not all there are also trash cans designed in a leaned way so that the riders can put throw their trash without stopping and directly in the trash can.

There are some existing routes for the bicyclers but new and more improved ones will be developed in the coming years. The best part is that these routes are free from the interference of the other transport forms. The rides do not have to face the problems of giving a pass to the cars in the road or they also do not have to face the problem of traffic lights.

The new plan that is made has about 28 highways in it. A total area of 495 kilometres will be covered by these routes which will prove to be a great route for the riders.

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