Dennis Prager Visits Japan, Asks Why Crime Is Low

April 04, 2017

Dennis Prager, right-wing writer, and radio talk host have drawn a lot of ire from most of the people in the press a couple of times.

The most recent of which occurred when Dennis, who is a devoted Jew has repeatedly stated that there is a battle on the day of Christmas.

However, concerning the discussion of migration, we are oblivious to whether Dennis has ever been concerned or moved enough to want to care about the migrants.

As a matter of fact, Terry Anderson, who is currently deceased, had a talk show on radio that aired every Sunday evening in Los Angeles and he was always in the matter of migration and how it affected us all. Terry once said of Dennis that he (Dennis) had refused him a meeting even though they both worked in the same radio station on KRLA-AM. But Dennis seems to have had a change of heart, which we all have expected for some time now, as he is a dedicated person with a solid follower background.

In a write-up written by him on the 28th February, he said:” I am authoring this piece from the nation of Japan, a nation with the lowest crime rate in the entire world. When I asked my companion, a Japanese woman, why it is so.

I said “Why is there so little criminal activity in the nation?” without prior thinking or deep reflection; she immediately answered “Simple. Because we do not allow migration.”

Anyone who has been to the country of Japan would be fascinated by the homogeneity that can be experienced in that nation.

If you meet a white man, an African or a Mexican or Hispanic in Japan, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are either there for vacation, study or business. We began to think if Dennis’ head had hit the floor hard, or probably exploded a little bit when the woman uttered the sentence “Simple. Because we do not allow migration.”

This is not a new thing, though. Japan has always detested migrants as citizens of the country.

They do not let it. Dennis continued his writing by saying: Just like in Japan, there is a direct relationship between ethnic uniqueness and a low occurrence of criminal activities.

Statistics taken from all states show the states with the lowest level of criminal activities are:

1.    Vermont – 95% population is white

2.    New Hampshire – 94% population is white.

3.    Maine – 95% population is white.

4.    Wyoming – 93% population is white.

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