Deportation from New Zealand

December 23, 2013

Deportation from New Zealand

Immigration into the beautiful country of New Zealand is a very popular thing at the minute. It is not a new thing. Throughout history many people from around the world have chose New Zealand as the place they want to start a new life. The government of New Zealand have always encouraged foreign nationals to enter their country to either work, study, set up a business and many other reasons that will benefit both the the individual and the country. To enter a visa is required and one obtained the holder must live by the conditions on the visa. If not there will always be the possibility of deportation.

If an individual who is residing in New Zealand under a visa an breeches the visa they will  will be deported. There are different things that can occur that will warrant a deportation order being issued. If the acts have been done and therefore New Zealand feel that they should be deported they will issue them with a deportation liability notice. There are a number of reasons such as if a person stays in New Zealand unlawfully, this means if an individual did have a visa but it expired and instead of leaving as would have been the terms of the visa they continued to stay in the country. The conditions of the visa an individual holds are breached, this could be the working on a non working kind of visa or changing employers too often, all a breach. Anyone one in New Zealand on a visa who commits a criminal offence while in New Zealand will be deported. If a residence class visa in obtained via illegal ways such as fraud, forgery or by giving misleading or false representation then they will be deported.

If an individual in issued with a deportation liability notice does have the right to appeal if they feel the notice is unjust and untrue facts have brought the immigration services to the conclusion that deportation is necessary. They can obtain an appeal form from the tribunal or download the form and fill it in, and then the form must be delivered either in person or by courier along with the fee to the immigration services during office opening hours. If an individual is residing in New Zealand illegally, as an illegal immigrant with no documents and never obtained a legal visas the advice from the immigration services of New Zealand is to leave the country sooner rather than later.

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