Detainee student from india hangs himself in a Australia's detention centre

February 15, 2014
Detainee student from india hangs himself in a Australia's detention centre

An Indian university student whose visa had been cancelled and who had been detained at the Maribyrnong Immigration Detention Centre died by hanging himself in his cell on Thursday (13th of February, 2014) night, according to sources in the concerned ministry and department. Scott Morrison, the minister for immigration has confirmed that the man was found unconscious by the staff at the centre in Melbourne. Victoria police has said the death was not considered as ‘suspicious’.

Representatives of the Indian-Australian community have expressed their, anguish, regret and deep sympathy for the bereaved family and others affected and have also expressed concern that the detention centre should have been well equipped to handle this type of situation and that this kind of situation should have been avoided totally. The Indian community in general and the president of the Indian Australian Association of NSW, Dr. Singh, has expressed his concern, and his extended his deeply felt sympathy to the bereaved family and relatives and also requested the Immigration Minister Morrison “to get the system to review their arrangements in this regard'. Dr. Singh also stated that it is evident and well known that when people are placed put into a detention centre they are under massive stress. So, there is much more need to ensure that such sad and shameful incidents do not recur or happen again.

But, there is no specific information available from the authorities as to how many international students have been  put or placed in detention centres throughout Australia. But, It has cost the government some money in settling claims from those alleging breaches of care and of negligence.
Some psychiatrists assert that the environment in the detention centres, particularly in Nauru and Manus Island, results in mental illnesses. While, sympathizers and supporters of refugees aver that issues concerning mental health were among the most problematic and of greatest concern for those people who are typically being detained in detention centres.
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