Duo of Grants Signed By EU to Aid Refuge Seeking Immigrants into Turkey

September 30, 2016
The European Union has yet again proven to be a developmental union as well as one that prioritize people’s welfare. 27th of September, 2016 has seen the union taken another giant stride at human development, this time signing a grant worth 600m Euros to sub-vent refugees’ education and health. 

It should be recollected that part of the union’s effort to better asylum lives and help them settle in the continent was the step it took around march this year, mobilizing more than 2 billion Euros of its total budget of 3 billion Euros to install facilities for the refugees in Turkey. The two billion euros subvention was believed to complement and support the implementation of the European Union/Turkey Joint Action plan and the European Union/Turkey statement. The recent plan was designed in the said time to address most important needs of the nation as it seek to improve living conditions of Syrian asylums and communities that proffer them with living atmosphere in Turkey.

The Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn, has lauded the determination of the EU fostered towards human development. He addressed human development as the most important form of development as it builds a developmental psychology and mentality. He was also quick to say that with a duo of grant signed on the day, at least a total of 500000 Syrian children will have access to Compulsory education. He added that the decision will also see the refugees have access to a much anticipated comprehensive health care services.
Duo of Grants Signed By EU to Aid Refuge Seeking Immigrants into Turkey

He added that the recent grant signed by the EU has further confirmed its continuous commitment at improving the living conditions of the concerned immigrants in Turkey. He briefed that more hard work are anticipated to deliver and as well get concerned bodies to sign further contracts in the area of education, health, infrastructure and socio-economic support to asylums in Turkey soonest.

The 600 million Euros grant has been broken down equally to utilize 300 million Euros on education and the remaining half on the health. The grants was said to have been funded under the 1.415 billion Euros Special Measure that was flagged off by the Commission at the end of the seventh month of this year. The grants therefore seek to alleviate Turkish authorities’ operational expenses on access to education and health care services for the asylum and their children in the nation.

The fund was said to be released to help the two different Ministries’ targeted cover costs of their different efforts in reinvigorating the Turkish asylum immigration system as well as integrate Syrian pupils and children into the education system as one of the ways of helping them settle in the new land. Comprehensive health care is another huge promise of the grant to targeted section of the nation’s population.

We have considered that if this giant step could then be considered to help refugee seekers in the country, how much more acceptance and fixation will be given to economic immigrants into it. It of course signals positives for them as well.

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