E-2 Treaty Investor Visa of the US is popular among the UK citizens

November 28, 2015
The E-2 Treaty Investor visa of the US is popular among the business investors and for the individuals who seek to get the E-2 employee work visa.  The citizens of the eligible nations like the UK could also acquire the entry into the US based on the investment which can be as less as US$50,000 in few cases when compared to the house price in London which is about 5,00,000 pounds. 

E-2 Treaty Investor Visa of the US is popular among the UK citizens

There are various types of US work visas. However, it could be difficult to meet the requirement of the particular job-related immigrant or non immigrant category of the visa. The most popular visa like the H-1B visa which is for the graduate level workforce also runs out quickly as they are made available. The L-1A visa for the managers or executives or the L-1B visas could be acquired by the existing workers who seek to transfer the staff who had worked for them for a minimum of one year out of the US. 

The E-2 visa for the employee is for the individual who is working in the supervisory or management role with some necessary skills, there is no quota assigned on this visa and the individual does not required to have worked for the employer outside of the US. And if the worker is a citizen of the E-2 Treaty investor nation then this visa must be considered.

UK firms are the leading investors in the US; UK firms invest heavily in the subsidiary firms of the US. In the year 2010, the US subsidiaries of the UK firms had employed around one million employees largely from the manufacturing sector.  And around 38% of these firms are in chemicals manufacturing. The UK subsidiaries firms which are based in the US have contributed around 2.2% towards the total exports of the US which costs almost $27 billion.  

Presently there are around 80 nations who are qualifying for the applications of E-2 Treaty Investor Visa and around 50 nations who citizens could come under the E-1 Treaty Trader Visa scheme.

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