Easier US work visas to aid Israeli high-techies

December 08, 2014
Launching of new easier US work visas benefits Israeli high-techies

Hilla R. Nattiv, an attorney in San Francisco says that US president Barack Obama is expecting to see migration of high-tech employees, researchers and investors as the countries interest. These new modifications are more important for the Israeli citizens.

The statements revealed by the US president in the previous month will have a great impact on thousands of individuals of US and Israel. Even though the implementation of the schemes yet in progress, few of the employees of high-tech group have gained much workability in the country. Along with this, all the new job seekers and skilled workers, who found obtaining the work visa of the country as a daunting task, can also easily obtain their visas with the special work status offered by the country.

Modifications that are anticipated to come into effect are related to two popular high-tech visas of H-1B and L-1. Currently, all the top entrepreneurs recruit skilled workers from overseas nations through H-1B visa.  This high demand visa is of a lengthy process, as a recruiter has to apply six months prior to getting approval. Previously, the spouses of the H-1B were not allowed to work in the country unless they possessed special qualified skills, but now as per the new rule spouses of individuals who holds permanent residence standing and green card can now work in the country without any restrictions. 

Obama further noted that this H-1B visa offer would attract more skilled workers’ spouses from overseas nations. Another visa category called L-1A visa for senior administrative and L-1B for non-executive employers will be helpful for organizations to transfer workers among the states of the country. Previously, only skilled workers who possess special skills and abilities were given this visa without looking into the criteria. But now, as per the new rule, all the skilled workers will be granted visa based on the criteria, according to Obama.  

Nattiv further revealed that the new E-2 visa is expected to offer many opportunities to organizations and the skilled professionals.

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