Employment in NZ

December 13, 2013
Employment in NZ
One of the visas available in the country of New Zealand is a working holiday visa, you can apply for this visa scheme if you are aged between eighteen and thirty, in a few select countries the age is eighteen to thirty five a great opportunity to take and experience.

Under this visa scheme you are allowed to work while you stay in New Zealand to help fund your stay in the country, you can do any type of work that you would like to, you are not restriced on the type of work but on a temporary or casual basis. To qualify for this type of visa you must already live in a country that has a working holiday agreement with New Zealand, meet the criteria on age, health and character preconditions, have available funds, and have proof on the  length of your intending stay and not qualified for a working visa before.

To travel to New Zealand on a working holiday visa you must be able to prove that you are entering and staying for the sole purpose of holidaying and also prove you intend to leave the country when your visa expires in the form of either a ticket or funds to buy a ticket. The visas usually allow you to holiday and work in New Zealand for twelve months.

Under the working holiday visa you cannot bring children along with you, and you will have to pay tax once in employment you will need an IRD number to do this, this is so your employer can deduct tax from your earnings at the right rate.

Once you have sent your application for a working holiday visa and it has been received, it takes 48 hours to process, if the New Zealand immigration authorities request further information from you the process can take longer, you can apply for the visa once you are already in the country on your holiday.

If you apply before you enter the country you have twelve months to arrive in the country from the date the visa is issued. On applying for the visa you will not be required to show proof of funds but once you have entered the country you may be asked to prove funds and evidence that you can support yourself.

With the working holiday visa you can leave and return to New Zealand as often as you like within the twelve months that your visa is valid for.
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