English Language Skills Necessary in the New Immigration System of UK

September 06, 2019
The English language abilities of an applicant are likely to get a rank based on proficiency in the new British visa regime that is getting finalized by UK after it makes an exit from the EU.

UK Immigration and Need for an Evaluation 

The authorities are commissioning an evaluation to launch plans to implement points-based system similar to Australian immigration in a letter written to the Migration Advisory Committee.

English Language Skills Necessary in the New Immigration System of UK

Furthermore, along with the proficiency in English language, expertise in academics and work will be central in the new immigration system. This will come into effect after the end of guidelines on Freedom of Motion, which now applies, as the UK is a part of the European Union.

The British public insists that the immigration system has to takes back the control of borders while it welcomes people with aspirations and hard-work to augment the dynamic labor market in the UK. The government is planning to work to make this a reality. The MAC has to broaden its continuing analysis on UK after it makes an exit from the EU.

Australian Immigration System is Suitable

The Home Secretary, moreover, asked the MAC, to conduct the review of Australian system of immigration as a part of the present work on potential salary thresholds. They must come out and advice on the best practice to use and also strengthen the labor market in UK. There was a need to attract the top and bright global talent.

Javid, at present serving as the UK Chancellor, had set up a white paper on skills-based immigration after Britain leaves the EU on October 31.

He spoke to the MAC regarding conducting an evaluation on wage thresholds to be imposed on candidates arriving on expert visa globally, which now stands at GBP 30,000 annually.

A New Set Up is Necessary

The Home Secretary has requested MAC to think of adding flexibility to the mechanism of wage thresholds and awarding points to migrants for their attributes. These include proficiency in language, educational qualifications, and work experience, readiness to work in specific areas and occupations; and the extent to which points in an area can be tradable for making up lack of points in other areas.

The exit from EU is a grand opportunity and the UK can replace the present dual system of admitting top skilled workers from external than EU areas and workers of various skill levels within the EU to introduce a single system, based on skills to welcome talents in the UK who can contribute well. The difficulty in migration was a central component in the lead in the June 2016 referendum, when the UK voted to leave the EU.

Need for Non Discriminatory Immigration Coverage 

Heavy advocates of Britain’s exit argue that when Britain exits it will have the ability in implementing fair and non discriminatory immigration coverage to the nations of origin of candidates. This wills also improve the public confidence in the immigration system and allow UK to welcome individuals with talent and skills from all parts of the world.

The MAC must present the report by January 2020, subsequent to which the suggestions will be considered for incorporation in the new immigration policy.

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