English must for people before joining their immigrant spouses in the UK

November 19, 2015
The supreme court of the UK discarded a challenge against the immigration rules that requires people to speak English for joining their spouses in Britain. It is a landmark ruling which can affect thousands of immigrants who seek to visit the UK from the nations like India.

The case was brought in by two female citizens from Britain whose husbands seek to visit to the UK for joining their families.

English must for people before joining their immigrant spouses in the UK

However, under the spouse visa rules of the UK for the foreign citizens from non-EU nations, men should learn the Basic English and should also pass the test at a centre which is approved before being permitted to enter the UK.

The two female citizens from Britain claimed that their husbands will not be able to pass the test before visiting the UK and also argued that the men will have to learn computer skills and they also had to travel long distances for taking their English tests, making it very impracticable.

The court has been informed that it means that the right to private and family life under the Article 8 of European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) was breached.  Panel comprises of five judges were asked to rule whether the determination regarding pre entry was uneven, unreasonable and biased.

They had collectively dismissed the appeal but indicated that the way the scheme operated may be illegitimate and asked the lawyers of those women to submit more arguments. They also suggested that exception might be made in cases where it was not practical to apply the provision.

The judgment of the Supreme Court goes after previous rulings in high court and the court of appeal that there was no such uneven interference with the family life.

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