Entrepreneurs migrating to New Zealand

December 05, 2013
Entrepreneurs migrating to New Zealand
Immigration can be a very long, drawn out complicated process to go through, the thought can sometimes be enough to stop an international citizen from applying but it does not always have to be such a daunting prospect, if you want to live in another country you need to find out what criteria you will need for the type of visa you would be applying for, this depends on what your reason for going to the country for, work, study, to be with family or for business. There are different visa for different activities.

New Zealand have a vast amount of visa categories most of which also have sub categories which are also available for application one of these visas would be what you would apply for if you wanted to gain residence in New Zealand under the Entrepreneurs policy. It was made by the government of New Zealand to help and attract entrepreneurs who can show that they have been strongly engaging in a business that has been helping the economy of New Zealand.

As with any visa there are certain specific requirements that must be met by the applicant for them to be successful in getting residence in New Zealand.

With this being a visa for migrants that are entrepreneurs, an applicant must show that they have either invested into a business that is already established and own twenty five percent or more of the business or have set up their own new business. The nature of the business must be able to help the economy of New Zealand and so proof of this will be required. The business must also adhere to immigration and employment New Zealand law. this way it will benefit New Zealand to have the business and therefore the applicant in their country, creating jobs and revenue.

Another category that has been drawn up is the entrepreneur plus. This is a way to speed up the process and is what it was designed to do. There are a list of criteria that an applicant must have to satisfy the authorities, these are; The business must have made at least three new jobs for the residents of New Zealand to fill, the applicant must be self employed within the business, be the holder of a long term business visa, the business must be proved to be a success in New Zealand. The applicant must also have invested a minimum of 500,000 new Zealand dollars into the business. If all information is correct an applicant will be assessed for the visa.

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